Welcome to Kuneko!

Kuneko is the work of John A. Adams, an independent games developer, and is the beginning of the first legitimate game development studio to be based in Iloilo City, Philippines. This website was first launched in 2007 and is currently a one man team. I do the programming, 3d models, textures, rigging, animation, testing, website updates etc. Someday I hope to expand to create a real game development studio right here in Iloilo.

I've been developing indie games since the late 90s, starting with the Games Factory and later moving to Blitz Basic to learn the BASIC programming language. I made the transition to Unity in 2010 and have since learned the C# programming language and 3d modelling with Blender. I now work exclusively with iOS since releasing my first game in 2012.

The mini-screenshots below all link to my finished games on the iTunes App Store.

The Pyramid
Lords of Chaos Tumble Tower
The Gentle Way
Frog Feeder
Skull and Crossbones
One Dark Night Oh, Christmas Tree Bounty Sweeper
Fuzzle Copter Bow Master Gardiens
Bubble Burst The Sprawl Astro Mining
Stunt Pilot Amazing Adventures Impossibubble
Egg Heist Demon Chef Coming Soon

Feel free to contact me through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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