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Cardboard Kingdom

Cardboard Kingdom is my latest game to be released on iTunes. It's a freemium game with multiple chapters and lots of mini games, available exclusively for iOS.

The VIP arcade in Cardboard Kingdom allows you to play retro-inspired space arcade games using tokens as in-game currency.

Tokens are awarded for logging in daily, playing games, beating your highscores, and posting to social media etc.

The Pyramid
Lords of Chaos Tumble Tower
The Gentle Way
Frog Feeder
Skull and Crossbones
One Dark Night Oh, Christmas Tree Bounty Sweeper
Fuzzle Copter Bow Master Gardiens
Bubble Burst The Sprawl Astro Mining
Stunt Pilot Amazing Adventures Impossibubble
Egg Heist Demon Chef Jousting Knights
Fuzz : Secrets of Fuzzle Island Hungry Hungry Hedgehogs Astro Mining II
D6Dungeon Bongo Cardboard Kingdom
Cardboard Kingdom Coming Soon Coming Soon

2012 Kuneko